Refusal Of Entry

The bill states that entry to New Zealand may not be permitted for anyone who has been denied entry to, or deported from, another country.

Essentially, the clause says we can give up our sovereign right to decide who should enter our country and instead give that decision to any country (including repressive, undemocratic countries such as Cuba or Zimbabwe) who has denied that person entry for whatever reason, regardless of whether that reason is relevant.

The consequences for refugees from third world countries are obvious and dire. However a more common example may help.

Imagine someone has once been denied entry due to a simple visa error to any country in the past. Imagine this person now wishes to move to NZ with their partner, a full NZ citizen.

Had this new law been in place, they could be denied the opportunity to be together and New Zealand would have lost the contribution of a skilled worker, simply because an immigration officer stuffed up.

Usually this would probably not, by itself, be a reason to actually prevent the person from entering. But, if an immigration official felt lazy or grouchy, it COULD BE!


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