Not Just For Immigrants

Almost every single part of the bill will apply to New Zealand Citizens who were born here and have lived here all their life. Not just those who have just arrived.


2 Responses to “Not Just For Immigrants”

  1. Ok, now that’s where it gets scary.

  2. Andy – If this is what’s concerning you have a look into it in more detail. It does depend on the specific clause – for example, if you’re a new zealand citizen you’re unlikely to be deported to another country to face torture, because this IS your home. But you still could be imprisoned and charged while not even being allowed to know what the evidence against you was.

    Likewise, all the rules regarding sharing of personal information (fingerprints, iris scans) with foreign governments can apply equally to NZ citizens.

    Rights to enter a house and search it without a warrant apply to all NZ’ers.

    Even aside from that – we should be trying to preserve the right to fair treatment and natural justice for everyone! Not just people lucky enough to be born in NZ!

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