Bill Allows Torture

The United Nations has a Convention Against Torture, which NZ is sworn to uphold.

This states that…

No State Party shall expel, return (“refouler”) or extradite a person to another State where there are substantial grounds for believing that he would be in danger of being subjected to torture.

The Immigration Bill, however, violates key provisions of that same UN Convention Against Torture – by requiring an asylum seeker to prove they would face a worse risk of torture if returned home than would be usual in their country.

This means that the law allows people to be returned to torture and persecution, provided that they’re not being tortured or persecuted any more than anyone else in whatever hellhole they come from. This is an express violation of the Convention Against Torture.

Can you imagine sending someone back to be tortured? And, when asked why, saying it was because there were lots of other people in that country stuck in dungeons being tortured too?


3 Responses to “Bill Allows Torture”

  1. bill does not allow torture. This sounds like the kind of crap a half-wit law student would come up with. Grow up and realise that student-ville where mummy and daddy pay for everything is not real life. IF the person can prove they will be treated worse in their country than in NZ, then they will be allowed in. I’d rather spend my tax $$ on important things – education, housing, healthcare than on some people who immigrated to NZ under false credentials

  2. Mad – Thanks for your passionate yet uninformed input.

    Actually the NZ Human Rights Commission came up with it, but I’m sure they’ll be flattered by your assessment.

    The bill does not require that they prove they’ll be treated worse in their own country than in NZ (that would be fine). It requires that they’ll be treated worse in their country than other people in their country may be treated. So, if other people in their country get tortured all the time, then it’s ok to send them back to get tortured too.

    If you think that’s ok too you should probably get in touch with the United Nations – see they have this crazy notion that it’s against the International Declaration of Human Rights.

    Education, housing, healthcare etc are important. But if you don’t have a free society then you won’t want to stay here to enjoy them for long.

    Incidentally – remember Navtej Singh? The liquor store owner who got shot dead in Auckland recently? He was an immigrant who owned a business and was contributing to our economy. You should probably think about that sort of thing before you imply all immigrants just bludge off our tax system.

  3. Ok… this clause is stupid. Where do they find the monkeys to write these things?

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