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  1. This Government just doesn’t stop. The “anti-smacking” law. The Electoral Finance Act and now the immigration bill.

    Helen and Labour just have to go.

  2. Thanks for the comment ‘had enough’, but it’s important to remember that:

    National is ALSO supporting the immigration bill
    National ALSO supports the ‘anti-smacking’ law.

    This is not a right/left debate.

    Voting for National rather than Labour will do nothing to stop this bill. BOTH parties are responsible, and BOTH have to reconsider their stance.

    Whichever one chooses not to loses the election. Seems fair to me.

  3. Fair point there. I mean I am sick and tired of the way this Govt is trying to do as much as they can to damage this country while they can.

    Equally it annoys me that National is not taking a hard line against Labours ridiculous rampage.

  4. To be fair to the politicians supporting the bill, I don’t think they’re actively trying to damage the country. I think they’ve just lost perspective on relative importance.

    They are trying to put powers in place to use when they want to, but they are failing to consider the consequences.

    It’s like when someone is speeding. They’re just speeding because it’s fun, or because they’re in a hurry. It’s very unlikely they’re actually TRYING to crash and kill someone. It’s just what happens when you do something without thinking it through.

    I would hope National would oppose this bill, because they’re supposed to be about encouraging individual responsibility.

    I’d also hope that Labour would oppose the bill however, because they’re supposed to be about ensuring rights and freedom for everyone.

    National has opposed Labour on other issues – the reason they’re choosing not to in this case is that they seem to like the thought of unchecked state powers. It is worth remembering that the most draconian and oppressive legislation introduced in the US along these lines (Patriot Act, Guantanamo Bay Prison etc) was done under a right wing government.

  5. Discussion on the bill at The Standard.

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